Digital or film - whether you have a top of the range Canon or Nikon, a basic compact or a rusty old 35mm Zenith - bring it along and there is always someone here that can help you get the most from whatever kit you have.

Our club evenings can range from the occasional speaker, competition evenings, workshops (bring your own camera) to ‘show and tell’ evenings, where members critique each others’ work in a safe environment - all with the intention of growing our artistic and technical skills. There really is no ‘set level’ at which you need to be - whether novice or semi-pro we are all here to learn and have fun.

A novice would probably get the most from membership of a club because there really is no substitute for the networking opportunities and ‘hands-on’ playing around with a camera - even a simple ‘point-and-shoot’ can be made to produce really excellent pictures with practice.

It’s not just about taking the photo - what you do with it afterwards can turn a snap into a work of art - and post production techniques are discussed a lot. Again it doesn’t matter what software package you use, whether it’s Photoshop, Elements, Corel or the GIMP* - the basics are all the same.

*GIMP is a FREE image manipulating program with almost the same functionality as Photoshop

We are a small friendly club.

We welcome new members.

Meeting place- Church Hall, Market St., Okehampton (Click here for a map).

Times- Every other Monday evening at 7.30pm.

When- Between September and May.

We have members of all abilities with a diverse range of interests. But in the centre of it all is our passion for photography. It’s not the kit that you own it’s what you do with it that counts. Don’t let ‘kit envy’ put you off! Come along and see for yourself!

Okehampton Camera Club


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